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          Hot Go To Girls Staff would like to give a big welcome to our Verified Providers and Agencies! Please use the following guidelines pertaining to use of our ad-posting forums: Any member of a "Verified" usergroup may utilize our local Provider Ads forums to post one weekly (every 7 days) advertisement in up to 5 city forums. To enable your account for advertising in these forums, you must first be verified by Hot Go To Girls Worldwide staff. This process typically takes under 24 hours to complete, however could be delayed if you are not able to provide sufficient information to establish yourself as a legit provider or agency. To become verified, please submit age verification and also submit links to your reviews on Hot Go To Girls or another recognized review site, and/or obtain a vouch from an established Hot Go To Girls member, either male or female, as detailed below. The "Welcome and Introductions" forum in each Metro Location is an excellent 'landing pad' for new ladies to the community. These sections have excellent readership from the members in that particular city. New ladies are welcome to make a post in this forum after being age verified, and during their first 7 days of membership. This will be called their 'intro ad' and may include all their details, info, and pics. This may be done before you have requested VP status or while you are waiting for approval. Once approved, however, please use the appropriate forums to advertise and post in this forum only to welcome new members. The Weekend Lineup is our weekend availability forum, and you are welcome to post one additional weekend ad there each week, in addition to your post in the Provider Ad section. (A good routine to follow is to post your main Provider Ad on Mondays when we have the largest viewership of members and guests, and then post your Weekend Ad on Thursdays. This will give you the greatest exposure to the readers, both member and guest) The Weekend Lineup forums are open from Thursday 6am to Sunday 9pm. You may place your post in those forums anytime within that window. You are free to use images in your posts in both the Provider Ad forums and also The Weekend Lineup as long as they are compliant with our public forum image guidelines.     Some verified providers may have a "helper" This is defined as someone who you are allowing to access your account to post your ad on a weekly basis. This is fine at Hot Go TO Girls  Worldwide, however we do require that you request approval from staff prior to allowing someone this access. This will be approved on a case-by-case basis. In any case where you request a male member to assist you with your ad, conditional approval may be given and your settings/usergroup adjusted to disable access to the female-only forums. This is especially important, since you would be placing your account access in jeopardy by allowing another party to access your account without prior staff approval. Often times, our Verified Providers offer "doubles" appointments, i.e.. working together with another lady in the community, as long as she is also an Hot Go To Girls Verified Provider. In those situations, we do allow you to mention this availability and we do allow you to mention your doubles partner by name, even if she has also posted an ad for that week and also mentioned you as a doubles partner. This situation in particular, however, will be monitored closely to prevent abuse or circumvention of our guidelines. Please limit this to simply mentioning your partner's name, and the details of the availability. 2 ads in the same week that are "centered around" your doubles availability may be considered excessive, and limitations put in place. Posting an ad which includes mention of an Hot Go To Girls non-member or member who has not yet been approved for Verified Provider status is prohibited. We require that your partner be registered on the site and have Verified Provider status before you advertise her on the site. This will enable her account to the many benefits, such as Showcase, that our Verified Providers and Agencies enjoy. (in these cases, your vouch will be more than sufficient to get the other party approved.) Girls who are part of an Agency or group of girls that work together under the same umbrella are required to have their own Verified Provider account on Hot Go To Girls with the same forum access that any other verified provider on the site enjoys, however, special circumstances apply with regard to your ad posting guidelines. It's simple. If the Agency has a username on Hot Go To , then you will need to choose whether you are advertised as part of the weekly Agency ad, or whether you will be posting your own ad each week. It will need to be one or the other, and not both. Agencies may post 1 weekly ad in 5 cities which include details, info, and pics for ALL of their girls, however if one or more of the girls associated with the organization have their own account here and use it to advertise in the ad posting forums, then please exclude the mention of them from your weekly advertisement.   In addition, you must submit proof to that you are 18 or over to become a Verified Provider on Hot Go To Girls . We require a photocopy of your Driver’s License and/or state issued ID and your location. Your real name and address should be hidden, but your birth date and photo must be visible, along with your user name. We also need a close up picture of your face with you holding up the license or ID next to your face. Proof of age WILL be requested of ANYONE seeking VP status, regardless of their stated age.    Please submit your age information separately from the info you sent to your local staff for verification.   Once again, thank you to all of the Verified Providers and Agencies who have chose to make Hot Go To Girls your home. We will continue to work hard to push the needle on making this site THE place to be. Should you need any assistance whatsoever with your ad, need clarification on any of the guidelines posted, or need help with accessing and building your Showcase, ask any staff member of your local mod staff via PM or email, or you may emailing Hot Go To Girls. Our commitment is that you will receive a prompt and logical response to all of your questions and concerns, and each of our staff will work hard to live up to that commitment to our membership.