Hi Everyone ,I would like to breakdown of FOSA

Hi everyone,I would like to breakdown In A Nut She Quick breakdown of why it`s such utter bullshit that celebrities like @sethmeyers are promoting the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act, (SESTA). Perhaps the celebrities will learn something from this too, if they`re willing to listen to sex workers. First you should know - since this seems to be a majorly persuasive point for many reasonable people - that the act is backed by Ted Cruz, John McCain, and Marco Rubio. These are, as you know, not nice people who care about women`s autonomy. Second, you should know that #SESTA is OPPOSED by most freedom of speech/information groups.And even groups that you might be surprised were defending sex workers` rights, like the National Organization for Women. That`s because it threatens internet freedom. Most important to me, of course, is that #SESTA threatens the lives of sex workers. But I want you to know that there are many, many reasons to oppose SESTA (which is now known as FOSTA-SESTA - Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act). The most obvious reason FOSTA-SESTA is such an issue is that it cuts off many sex workers` access to money by limiting their access to clients. It purports to "crack down on websites that promote sex trafficking" But in our country, all sex work is conflated with trafficking. That means that, by and large, this act will affect people who are engaged in consensual sex work.Why? Because any site that is thought to be connected to sex trafficking can be spied on, taken down, fined, and people involved in it can be subject to criminal investigation. So let`s state that again: ANY SITE THAT IS THOUGHT TO BE RELATED TO SEX TRAFFICKING in a country that increasingly conflates trafficking with consensual sex work - which comprises the majority of sex work - can be shut down. That includes porn sites, by the way. If there`s suspicion that any performer has been trafficked or is on another site that is thought to enable trafficking.