Hobbyists Don't Rule


Have you ever asked a hobbyist for screening info and they give you board handles and references and failed to answer your questions? As a provider I would not see anyone based on a hobbyist board member number or references. For me, it was imperative to determine who the hobbyist actually was and what information was actually available. Many times those with the most handles were those who had the most negative histories. As a general rule in screening a gentleman giving a hobbyist board handle is about as valuable as applying for a car loan and providing only an AAA membership number. No bank would ever accept that. Your safety is certainly worth more than a bank loan. 

While hobbyist board reviews and references can be included in an over all screening, upon request, they are not otherwise used to pass anyone. A gentleman passing screening is when his identity is verified, his information is verified and you know who you are seeing. References can be faked or generated by visiting one provider and behaving but a full background check reveals the whole history.