Examples of these emails I will denied visit


Look out for these signs of problems:

            + There are no records of his provided information.

            + All of his information (email, phone,...) seems to be created recently.

            + He is in our blacklist database.


There are also signs of behavior problems that you should pay attention to while communicating with your client:

            + He sends you a picture of his penis.

            + He wants to have a photo of your face and/or other revealing photos.

            + Really short email ("Are you still available?"), rude language...

            + Keep asking too many questions and stuffs.

Silly Trick. Just cause you going to see me for my hour donation in 5 days Does not entitled you X-rated pictures throughout the week. If done of clients ask me for pictures to help with anticipation Why I would I start with a newbie I never seen.