Things NOT to say to me

Examples of emails that will always be ignored.

Are you free?

Missing screening info


Needy, Entitled, Pushy 6.Discussing rates

Sometimes men will get angry because they are unable or unwilling to be safe in the session. When it gets heated they will sometimes present their point as though life won't go on unless they get the unsafe result they want. Men's limitations are not your responsibility.

Using a fake identity to book a professional companion? Tsk tsk! We see you there big boy!

Exactly. It isn't rocket science. Instead of wasting everyone's time writing how you don't want to screen. Either don't see providers or find one whose screening meets your

comfort level.

Often isn't the information that he provides you that keeps you safe. It's being thorough, finding and checking all of his previous numbers, emails and aliases that are what reveals the information that he doesn't want you to know. Find out who he really is & check everything

FYI to all of the new guys that are starting to see escorts I haven’t gotten laid in a while listen to the escorts directions google earth a look up her location. STOP GOING TO MY NEIGHBOR HOUSE LISTEN TO MY DIRECTIONS.


Sex work is WORK!

We:📝manage our schedules 📬reply to inquiries 💸pay our taxes 💡self promote And we: 💕change lives 💑save relationships 🎓educate the public 🌹fill a need in society x work is work .