Tips On Nuru Massages

You’re all set up and finally ready to get slippery and slide-y with your partner. Pull up your hair, cause it’s about to get messy. If you’re the masseuse, have your partner lay down on your plastic sheet. Whether they’re face up or face down is totally your choice. Personally, I like the mystery of starting face-down. That way, your partner can’t see you, but can instead close their eyes and focus on the sensation of your body gliding against theirs, without distraction. Lather a bit of the gel along your body (front and back) and drizzle it over your partner. This can all be a part of exciting foreplay. Show your partner where you’re applying the gel to yourself, sensuously rubbing it along your curves, teasing yourself in the process. As you grab a handful of the gel and apply it to your partner, allow it to drip down them and run slowly along their body. The gel will already be warm, slippery, and sensual – and your body will activate it even more.

Then, use your hands to explore

their body and spread the gel. As you get closer, use your forearms along their muscles, and gently slide your skin against theirs. As you get more comfortable, mount your partner, and get in a position that allows for more body-on-body contact. Lightly grip your partner with your legs, and grind your pelvis and buttocks up against them. Lean over to massage your breasts over their back and buttocks. Finally, lie down to glide and slide your entire body along your partner. If you feel a bit silly about it, don’t worry. It’s totally natural to feel that way and laugh with your partner. After all, it’s a novelty, and it’s meant to be fun!

When you decide it’s time for them to roll over, take your time before getting to your partner’s intimate areas. Don’t be worried about your body image at all. It’s a hot visual, and your partner will be thoroughly enjoying it! Watch Wet’s instructional DVD and nuru massage videos online for inspiration. As with all tantric and erotic massages – the excitement and intrigue isn’t about the final orgasm, but rather, appreciating the sensations and the journey to get there. Make your partner wait for it, and tease them with your touch along the way. Then, switch positions and let your partner give it a try on you. Take your time, and have fun exploring these new sensations!