Your cell phone number is so I can verify you. Safety is key!!! No texts or calls until you are screened via email.


My rates are non-negotiable

Rates for GFE (great fitness experience) at my gym

$50 extra if your gym is more than 20 miles away from my gym

$100 extra if your gym is more than 50 miles away from my gym


$350/1 hour 

$500/90 min 

$600/2 hour 

$800/3 hour 


I love men of 36-85 marry men, shy widowers, divorced men, single men. I do not like younger guys. I am smoke-free, I have braces on the bottom of my teeth so please trim your junk.

When you are in the mood for a simple perfection and require the best that life has to offer, you should come to see me. I am looking forward to you spending some quality time with me, getting to know me and realizing that you have come to the right place. Let’s create a memorable experience together. I have a great touch in addition to other talents. I am truly blessed to do what I do.

Feel free to share with me your fantasy and request the outfit. I never wear perfume and always well-showered. I am happy for the opportunity to meet interesting, talented, and well-groomed new friends, who strive for spice-up in their adventures. They say about me that I am a pleaser and I like to be pleased and that is very true.

I am friendly, fun and playful, I also love to give as well as receive. You will feel totally pampered and satisfied by the end of our session. I hope to provide you with a sensual, genuine and discreet encounter which will create long lasting memories! I will refuse seeing anyone if I see any of the signs

          + There are no records of his provided information.

          + All of his information (email, phone,...) seems to be created recently.

          + He is in our blacklist database

          + He sends you a picture of his penis.

          + He wants to have a photo of your face and/or other revealing photos.

          + Really short email ("Are you still available?"), rude language...

          + Keep asking too many questions and kinds of stuff.

No Phone Calls No text All


**If we haven’t met before, even if you have OKs or WLs please kindly complete my website booking form. If you are not comfortable giving your screening information, we are not a good match as unfortunately, I wouldn’t be comfortable seeing you. Thank you for your understanding**



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